SHAPESHIFTERS a film by Sophie Vuković – Trailer


I worked on the music for this spectucular film with producer Nire. Honestly, the best thing about being Swedish is that I’m an immigrant. The best thing about being born and from Yugoslavia, a country that no longer exists is that I feel at home, rooted and comfortable in constant change. I find luck and happiness in nothingness because nothingness can be and has been my source to create the everything that I want and need. I appreciate my upbringing in 2 countries. Around cultures that don’t “get along”, but that are nonetheless in me, in my backbone and is what makes me walk with my head held high in and around any room and space; theirs, ours, yours and mine. Especially in and around those that don’t “get along” with me. In 3 languages. 1 big identity crisis. A crisis I’ve grown to love cause I identify with it strongly and proudly. A crisis I’ve learned to appreciate much thanks to connecting with identity-crisis-soulmates and with them I’ve learned how to be a proud child of contradictions. I’d like to thank, congratulate and bow down to director and fellow crisis-compadre Sophie Vuković whose fantastic debut film “SHAPESHIFTERS” portrays what I´m talking about BEAUTIFULLY. It has meant a lot to me, my immigrant soul, identity, heart and creativity to be involved in this film and work with Sophie.